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An Awesome Video

Hello, everyone! I was looking on the web and found this AMAZING video that really, really, really helped me.

Ever since I published The Adventures of Kate the Cat, I've been working furiously to improve my art style. I stressed out about it, I spent entire nights just non-stop drawing only to throw away everything I was working on because I thought it wasn't good enough. I looked to other artists and graphic novelists and tried to imitate their style, thinking that mine wasn't the best I could do. That failed.

When I looked back at my drawings, I always saw the mistakes I made. The eye wasn't quite right, or the nose looked funny, or the position I drew was strange. I kept beating myself up about it. I kept comparing myself to other amazing artists and telling myself 'Look at my art and look at theirs. I'll never be able to do that no matter how hard I try.' That just kept getting worse and worse.

After watching this video I realized that I'm not all those other artists who have spent decades creating their own unique style. I'm not them. I'm me! I have my own way of doing things, way different than some of my favorite artists do. And that I have my own style. So I just have to keep making mistakes to learn and get better.

As Ms. Frizzle says, "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!"

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