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N3 Meraki (formerly N3 Cartoons) encourages kids to read and have fun. We produce high-quality graphic novels with unique storylines and charismatic characters. The stories are funny, whimsical and simple with an underlying positive & inspirational message.

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Nicole Nageli is a 19-year-old Young Entrepreneur, Award-winning Author, TEDx Speaker, Illustrator, and Animator. She is the Founder & CEO of N3 Meraki (formerly N3 Cartoons). At age 12, she started N3 Meraki and also published her award-winning graphic novels, The Adventures of Kate the Cat and Kate the Cat's Christmas Mystery.


At age 13, she began writing inspirational & motivational speeches and has spoken at several events such as TEDx, Ignite Denver 26, 1st Annual Transportation Girl Luncheon, Women Economic Forum Annual 2018 Event, and more. She was the Youngest Speaker ever at all these public events with very large audiences.

Nicole received an Award from WEF for "Young Leaders Creating a Better World For All". This award honors the inspiring achievements and leadership prowess of young teens and tweens in all fields who have explored new frontiers and challenges to create a better world for society and its inclusive wellbeing; with a spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and focused drive.

Nicole has also been nominated for the Douglas County Outstanding Youth Initiative Award for outstanding achievement and creating a positive change in the lives of others.


She has a passion for drawing, animating and speaking at events. Her thoughts, ideas, and stories have unique perspectives that are funny, whimsical and simple with an underlying positive and inspirational message.


Nicole hopes to inspire people of all backgrounds and ages to make a difference and change the world into a better place.


Helping the Community:


Nicole Nageli volunteers at a local non-profit human service organization, the Douglas/Elbert Task Force, dedicated to providing assistance to people who are in serious economic need, at risk of homelessness, or in a similar crisis. She is currently writing her 3rd graphic novel, commissioned by the Douglas/Elbert Task Force. She will be donating all sales proceeds from this book to this human service organization.


She donated sales from her book, Kate the Cat's Christmas Mystery, to benefit the Dumb Friends League, an animal shelter that rescues animals and offers animal adoption. This was during the Book Release at the StarLighting Event in Castle Rock on Nov 19, 2016.


Nicole donated a canvas print of her digital artwork titled, "Rediscover", to the Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention and Deep Roots Teen Suicide Prevention, a non-profit mental health service organization. Her artwork encourages everyone, especially teenagers to "Open your eyes to rediscover the infinite possibilities your life can be". Proceeds from the Silent Auction of Nicole's artwork will benefit the services of this non-profit organization.


"What an extraordinary young woman you must be to have accomplished so much at such a young age. Your book, Kate the Cat's Christmas Mystery, sounds like a wonderful accomplishment and we are so happy that it did well at the StarLighting Event. It takes a very special person to be both driven and kind. We appreciate your generous donation not only to the Dumb Friends League but your eagerness to give back to your community."
- Rick D. Gabrielson, Vice President of Development & Community Relations, Dumb Friends League



About Nicole Nageli

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