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N3 Meraki (formerly N3 Cartoons) encourages kids to read and have fun. We produce high-quality graphic novels with unique storylines and charismatic characters. The stories are funny, whimsical and simple with an underlying positive & inspirational message.


Nicole Nageli is a 20-year-old Award-winning Author, TEDx Speaker, Former NASA Intern, and Young Entrepreneur. She is the Founder & CEO of N3 Meraki (formerly N3 Cartoons). As a storyteller, she is passionate about pushing artistic and technological boundaries.

Nicole makes vibrant short films and artwork with the themes of fearlessness and creating your own path.

She is also the host of INSPIRE Interviews: a series of exclusive YouTube interviews with today’s innovators, creatives, artists, and leaders from Netflix, Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and more. She also makes YouTube videos on creativity. Nicole wants to encourage the next generation of creative innovators to trust their instincts and create regardless of other people’s expectations.

At age 12, she started N3 Cartoons and published her award-winning graphic novels, The Adventures of Kate the Cat and Kate the Cat's Christmas Mystery.

At age 13, she began writing inspirational & motivational speeches and has spoken at several events such as TEDx, Ignite Denver 26, 1st Annual Transportation Girl Event, Educating Children of Color Summit, Women Economic Forum Annual 2018 Event, and more. She was the Youngest Speaker ever at all these events.

At age 15, she studied at the highly competitive and rigorous California State Summer School for the Arts summer program located at the CalArts campus.

At age 18, she was chosen for a selective mentorship with Women in Animation as an Animation Production Mentee.

At age 19, she interned at NASA, utilizing her artistic and technological skills.

About Nicole Nageli

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