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Here are the short films I wrote, animated, and acted in!

Starry Progression - an experimental animated short film | CineSpace Film Competition 2021

Starry Progression is an experimental animated film about the human spirit, reflected in technology, pushing boundaries, and most importantly—humanity itself. It reflects on the changes humanity made in technology, our own lives, and in space.

July 6, 2021 — July 13, 2021

THE OWL HOUSE Fake Audition!

I wrote, acted, and did character art for a fake Owl House audition! I wrote the script in November, filmed it in February, and edited in May.

November 2020—May 2021 

Snapshots of Nature | iPhone short film

I challenged myself to make a film in the time it took to go on this walk and wanted to see how I could get something cinematic from an iPhone camera on the spot. The film was edited on iMovie on the car ride home!

May 8, 2021 — May 8, 2021

Deep Sea

Roshini, a girl trapped in the deep ocean, is determined to get back home. The ocean isn't a place to let your guard down right?

'You might not see sunlight for a while but here, now, there's still light and beauty, no matter how strange, no matter how little.'

August, 2020 — October, 2020

Targét Trip | a silly short film

Just a totally regular trip to the grocery store! Uhh is that a frog hitman in a red tie??

My little brother and I made this film in 3 hours.

Fun Things to do in Quarantine!

Alvie and Ash, two fairy siblings, show you all the cool things they've been doing during quarantine!


A cashier tries boba for the first time.

This film was made in one week during the CSSSA Animation Program at CalArts.

Life Drawing

A drawing comes to life and learns the joy of creation.

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