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Another Speech at the Transportation Girl Luncheon!

Oh, my gosh! Where do I start?

It was such an honor to speak at this incredible event!

As some of you know, I spoke at the Transportation Girl Luncheon on Thursday. This event inspires girls to pursue careers in fields like transportation and construction. There were tons of cool exhibits and even a drone simulator! It was amazing!

Amelia Rose Earhart was the MC for the event! She's one of my biggest inspirations! We sat at the same table with other speakers (AND IT WAS AMAZING). I gave her my card and everything! She also said she wanted to do lunch with me!!! She's such an incredible person.

Even though this was a FIRST-TIME EVENT, there were so many people! It was unbelievable. Everyone was having a great time!

It was really cool writing the speech for this event. There are so many awesome jobs in these industries. I was inspired by this event as, I'm sure, many others were!

Here is my speech I gave at the event!

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