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30 Day Drawing Challenge!

Hello, everyone! I'm going to focus on improving my drawings for the next month. (Mainly because I have a lot of stuff going on, but also because I just want to work on one aspect of my work instead of a million bigillion thingymabobbers. So this is kind of my 'break'.)

So anyhoo I found this picture online and decided "Yeah! I'm going to do this!"

Here's the picture I found.

So today is day one! For the next thirty days, I'll draw one picture every day! Should be fun!

Oh I drew a short comic yesterday to practice lighting. I might post part 2 in a while.

*scary voice* o-o-ooohh, what will happen in (Dun dun DUH) part 2?

I'll post Day 1 later today! Bye!

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