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Happy Holidays!!!

Hello, everyone! I know it's been forever since my last post. It's just that life gets in the ways sometimes!

Ooh! Super duper news!!!!!


No more school for two whole weeks! Sleeping in, watching the snow, and spending time with family, here I come!!!

I have just noticed that I use an exclamation mark every two sentences at the least...interesting....

Oh! And also, I uploaded my first Youtube video on my personal account. I am learning animation! This is one of my first animations that didn't fail! And it has 11 views, which may not sound like much, but imagine: 11 DIFFERENT PEOPLE with DIFFERENT goals and dreams and DIFFERENT lives took the time to watch a 4 second video that I spent an hour creating. So, I feel quite happy! The music is TobyMac's Me Without You Remix.

I actually have a funny story about my Youtube account! Actually I didn't even know I had one until my friend told me that she subscribed to my Youtube channel.

"My Youtube channel?" I asked her. "Um, I don't have a Youtube."

"Yeah, you do! I subscribed to you! Look it up!" she replied.

So, I did look it up and I found out I had one.

That was a much shorter story than I intended it to be... : |

Oh, last night, I finished reading this book called The Shack by W.P. Paul Young. It is now my most favorite book IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! I looooooovvveeee this book!!!! If you haven't read it, stop reading right now and go to the library or something and read it. I am not joking. This book is so awesome! I heard they are also making a movie about it!

That is Mr. Young's picture, obviously, not mine.

It really is a beautiful book and I recommend it to anyone.

Bye, everyone! I have to go. Happy Holidays!!! :D

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