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Day 4 - Is happiness a choice?

Hello, everyone! Day 3 of the writing challenge was 'your first love', and...It's self explanatory why I didn't do that one! Anyway, today's challenge seems like an awesome one!

So...Is happiness a choice?

I believe it is!

It's like a paradigm. If you believe you're happy, then you're happy, no matter the circumstances. If you decide not to be happy whatever the circumstances are, then you won't be happy. Extreme greed and selfishness will never leave you satisfied. But if you learn the value of the privileges you have, that can bring happiness. 

Now, I'm not saying that you should stop wanting things and 'just be happy with what you have'. No. If that were the case, no one would think of building a better life and future. We all need goals and ambitions. Otherwise, what else is there? No one wants to live a static never-changing life. We all have things we strive for. I'm saying that there is value in everything. A couple days ago, I remember writing that endings are a way to see the other opportunities around you. Now, you can sit and be unhappy about that one door closing all you want, but that isn't going to change anything! You can do that or accept the fact that that door has closed an look around you for other open doors and be happy with your choices.

Going back to goals and ambitions, Thomas Jefferson said something about "the pursuit of happiness".

We never actually gain true happiness. But we can chase after it. It's like a goal. To be happy.

The thing is, we can either choose to be happy or not. It's in each of our hands.

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